Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jonah's Big Fish

Another Week, another open the book school assembly. I adore going into school every week and doing these bible story school assemblies.  I love the fun we have doing them, I love the greetings from the children that spot you arriving early "I love your assemblies", and I even love the fun we have organising props and costumes.  Hard work sometimes, yes, but oh so fun.

This week we were doing the story of Jonah and the Big Fish (or whale if you prefer).  Had an awesome friend from church who made us a boat which we will go on to use in other stories later.

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But we also needed a big fish.  We had all sorts of suggestions, or ideas, but I knew what I wanted to do, I just didn't know if I could pull it off.  In the end it wasn't all that difficult.

I asked on our church email list if anyone had a beach shelter that I could borrow and managed to get one.  Then I pulled together every piece of blue fabric in my stash, a roll of masking tape, a roll of duct tape, scissors and a pair of eyes.  Oh, did I not mention the eyes?  heeheee.

I had some spare pieces of foam board from when I made the Tree for the story of the garden of Eden.  I drew around a small plate, and carefully cut two circles out of what was left of that foam board.  I drew smaller circles to one side of those larger circles, and coloured them in with black paint.  I popped those into my bag as well and set off for school.  We arrived earlier than usual, because I knew it would take time to set up.

I put the beach shelter up then began draping the pieces of blue fabric, over it, taping them at the edges where they met the shelter.  I started by using masking tape, but it soon became clear that small pieces of duct tape would work better and I switched.  

I drew the bits of fabric together at the back, then pulled them out to make a kind of fish tail shape.

I attached the eyes to the front with masking tape, hanging them from the top edge of the beach shelter.

And there you have it a big fish.  Well, kind of.  But it did allow for Jonah to deliver his lines from INSIDE the fish!

With another piece of blue fabric to be the sea, it all came together well!

Don't you just love the little details on the boat, like the anchor?  On the back of one of the sides of the boat it even says!  AWESOME.

We have other stories and props featuring in the coming weeks, check back soon to see what else we have made.

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