Monday, June 08, 2009

School Assemblies

This week I am in two local primary schools doing an assembly based on the story of big Bad Brian the Lion.

Big Bad Brian the Lion is a bully.  He goes around the jungle roaring at the other animals and scaring them on purpose. He creeps up behind the giraffe, eating from the tops of the tree, and the elephant bathing in the mud, and the monkey swinging in the trees. Creeping so slowly, so gently.

And each time he roars and he declares “I’m Big bad Brian the Lion!” and each time the animal concerned runs off into the jungle and Brian laughs!

Well finally Brian discovers he’s certainly not the cleverest animal in the jungle when a giant net falls down from the trees above him and he is captured by humans.

He is bundled into a cage on the back of a cart and dragged off out of the jungle and along the road to the walled city.

Then he sees this huge hole in the ground and he is unceremoniously dumped into the hole.  It’s dark in that hole and it’s dusty and there are other lions, but he soon has them convinced he’s bigger and badder than all of them.

Then he sees a man kneeling in the corner of the cave and he decides it’s time to show those humans who’s boss.  He creeps over, so slowly, so gently, and he roars “I’m Big Bad Brian the Lion” and the man . .  does not move. He does not even acknowledge Brian. 

Three times he tries to scare this man, who all the time is muttering under his breath. And three times this man apparently ignores him.  Then Brian feels a tap on his shoulder and he turns around to see a 10 fat tall man dressed all in white, with huge golden wings and the man roars “My name is Gabriel, and I’m an Angel, and I’m the biggest and baddest being in this cave” and Brian scurries off into a corner whimpering in fear.

Then I use that story to link into a talk about bullying and how it is important to tell an adult, but that we can also ask God to protect us.

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