Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Shoebox Depot

The Shoebox Depot is coming along nicely.
We have all our tables laid out ready for packing etc, we have cornered off a small area at the back to be a finance office. Ideally we would have a separate room for that, but needs must and the warehouse WAS free! And after all, banking will be done daily.

We have a couple of urns for making hot drinks, and necessary supplies for that. We already have over 200 boxes ready to be sorted and the cartons for packing the boxes into arrived on Friday.

We have a limited supply of "fillers" for boxes that need topping up, but not enough! Got to work on that still.

SO, on Monday we will start!
We have training sessions at 11:00am, 1:30pm and 6:00pm
The lady who has previously run the Hereford Depot will be with us all day that day, but after that we will be on our own. She will be available by phone at all times, so we won't really be left alone, but it's going to be scary at times, this being our first year.

Soooo, can Telford meet its target of 7000 boxes this year?
In the current economic downturn?
I belive we can!

Stay Tuned and find out if I'm right.

To come this week - Photos from training day and hopefully a video blog post too!

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