Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Church Family Camp

That title is deceptive!
We do NOT camp! Heeheee! For crying out loud this is the end of September in Wales we're talking about here! We go to a place that has cabins, bungalows, static caravans, and camping space.

I'm not sure what we're staying in this year, we shall have to wait and see.

I have to work out something for the kids to do.

We do not think there are enough of them to warrant a separate room with separate activities mainly because that means that adults miss out on the few sessions for them, and we don't want that.
I think, at this stage I will have
One 5 year old, One 6 year old, One 9 year old, and Three 11 year olds. And the 5 year old may or may not go in with whatever the little ones are doing anyway.

There might be another two if I can persuade their family it's a good idea, that would be another 11 year old and a 10 year old I think.

Basically we'll have a table or two at the back of the adults room with activities for them to do on there quietly. If I can two of the bigger tables that works well because it means I can sit with my bible at one end of the table and try and follow the teaching.

I'm going to pick up some colouring books, some puzzle books, maybe some Narnia ones. I might take a few jigsaws or other physical puzzles. I'm unsure about the whole playdough thing, because of clearing up after each session.

Any other suggestions?

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