Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I thought I'd also give you a short update on my OTHER job.

The sessions are going fine, we have a great group of kids in both locations, if a bit of a small group.

The problem is in the other aspect of the job. The main purpose of this post, when my friend took it on was to put together a team of volunteers, leaders and helpers, that could continue the clubs on after her paid period of time had ended. That's where the problem lies.

The paid period ends in 5 weeks time, at the end of the school term. My church has said they will include the time it takes me to DO the club in my hours from school starting back at the beginning of September, to the half term break at the end of October, but I do NOT want to start the clubs back up in September unless I know that they are going to continue without me AFTER the half term break, I do NOT think that would be fair to the children.

The 1st club, the vicar seems to think my friend is going to carry on running herself with him and one other volunteer, but she has told me that she's only going to do one every so often as far as leading is concerned, so I don't know what will happen there.

And the 2nd club has just lost one of its existing volunteer helpers. I have two parents that have said yes in September, when school starts back, they are willing to help out on a rota basis once a month, there is an older lady from the local church there who helps out when she can, but she can't do every week and anyway has stated clearly she doesn't have the energy any more to lead. I've explained to the vicar that I am concerned that there won't be anyone to lead when I leave and he seems to think that someone will come out of the woodwork at the last minute. But with 5 weeks left of the school term we're getting awfully close to the last minute already!
I don't know what to do. I certainly don't feel called to that area of town, and do not want to do this long term, but I don't want to let those kids down either. It's hard.

We're going to bus the kids across the county for the last week of term, to another club's fun day, and I am wondering whether there is money in the budget for the children to be bussed every week if that is the case. That way, even if the clubs have to end as they are now,t he worst case scenario is they get bussed to the other location. BUT that STILL needs adult volunteers to travel with the children in the bus! And it all costs money. Ho hum!

It's like someone said yesterday, if God wants the clubs to continue as they are, the people will come forward.

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