Thursday, May 01, 2008

Can anyone say Karl was right?

heeheee, read the comments on my last post. Karl was right, and I am glad I listened to him and did not close this blog down.

Let me tell you a story.

This story starts about 3 months or so ago.
I went to a conference at a tiny church about 45 minutes drive from here, that I love to head out to whenever they have a conference on. This was with Sandy Zondervan, and was about how we pray differently for people at different stages of their walk, and also we got to do activation sessions, where we were putting into practice what we had learned. One of these sessions was about praying into the deep desires of someone's heart and speaking a word from God into that.

For that session, we paired off. I was partnered with one of the elderly ladies of the church, whom I absolutely LOVE, the spirit of God just drips off her. Well, I shared with her that the thing I really really want to be able to do is get into the local school and tell the kids about God, through school assemblies, etc.

So I prayed into her request and she prayed into mine. She spoke that she felt that the Lord was definitely going to be taking me into the schools, that she could see me in front of a classroom of children, talking to them all about Jesus, and that they were all wearing blue tops (remember most UK schools have uniform of some sort). I've only managed to get over there once since then, and she made a point of asking me if anything was happening yet. Nope, at that point, nothing!



Oh yes, God had an amazing plan.

About 5 weeks ago, the leader of our church phoned me up one Thursday and said he wanted me to stop working in the church office, (a 10 hour a week paid position) which kind of made me freak for a moment or two as even though it's only 10 hours a week, without it we could not pay the bills. But THEN he said that he wanted me to work the same number of hours, etc, but in the local schools doing assemblies, story telling etc! aarrrgggghhhhhhhhh! I literally ran around the house screaming after I got off the phone with him, I was Sooooooo excited!

Oh, a funny about it though. My husband and I were heading away for a weekend alone together on the Friday morning, and this church leader told me that while he wanted me to think about whether I would take them up on this offer, he didn't want me to think about it this weekend, while I was away. WHAT? I mean, he'd just offered me the one thing I'd wanted more than anything for years and he was telling me NOT to think about it? NO WAY that was happening.

So, the contract is initially until October with a review in September to see how we are doing.

THEN, the week after that, after hubby and I got home from our weekend, I was texting back and forth with a friend from our small group. She had been running a couple of after school clubs in local village schools, being paid to do that by the church of England. She texted me to say she had just resigned! AND she had already recommended me to the vicar, as her replacement! It's not a long term job, it was never meant to be, I'll explain more about that in another post, when I have more time.

So, I knew that was coming, and then, about a week after that I was emailing with the lady who is our area Co-Ordinator for Operation Christmas Child, the shoe box appeal. I had previously expressed an interest in making the trip to join a distribution team as they take the shoe boxes out to the children. But had told her there was NO WAY we could afford it and NO WAY our church would be able to sponsor me to do so at that time. So, THEN she told me that she had spoken to our regional manager and that he was really keen for me to go, and asked if I was still interested, because he had told her that they will never allow finances to be an issue when they feel that one of their volunteers (which I am) needs to go! Soooo, I put my name down. I won't know until the very end of the month, well actually, the beginning of next month, if I have been chosen, but it's all excited. I'll write more about details and the selection process in another post.

So that's where I am at. I've started the after school clubs for the church of England, I've done one school assembly at a school where they have a member of staff from our church, and I am being catapulted into my destiny.

Oooh, back to the story . . . . can you guess what colour sweatshirts every single one of these school has? YEP, BLUE!

I'll be heading back out to that church in the next few weeks to tell her face to face what God has done!

So expect more details soon, of how this all works and reports on what I'm doing!

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Karl Bastian said...

wow, so glad i was able to encourage you! great story!