Friday, April 20, 2007

A Question and a BLEGH!

Two things!

1. I am thinking about closing this children's ministry blog. While I love what I get to do in the kids work, I never seem to remember to write on there, Aaaaannnnnddddd we've had to cancel VBS for this summer, so there won't be anything to write about there!
And I was thinking that maybe I should use it as a craft blog instead. So I can put my knitting stuff on there, my card making stuff on there and plans to get out to the craft fairs over the summer.
Oh BTW, did I tell you that the papercraft club we started at church has kind of decided I'm in charge and that I should give demonstrations! Me! Teach them! I know someone who would find that amusing and probably think "I told you so", although she would be too polite to say it. In fact, I'm to give a demo on rubber stamping and embossing this coming Tuesday! I'm thinking about splitting it down into two actually, and just doing stamping this week, and then embossing next time. ooooh, this is scary.
Maybe I could even sell from my blog somehow? Hmmmm?
So, what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea?

2. I have tonsillitis. THAT IS ALL!