Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sunday funnies

On Sunday morning, I did not take the children out for Sunday's Cool, because things were to happen very differently than usual. I wanted the children to have opportunity to be part of that. I knew that if I let them just stay with their parents there was opportunity for not understanding what was happening and wandering off. So I encouraged them to all come sit with me, off to one side and we went through the morning together. I don't think I kept the attention of a single child for the whole morning, but at least they were able to be part of something different.

The morning was based, kind of on some things that have come out of the story of St Brendan, for a local group of Christians. You can find out more about them and his story here and here.

A big part of the Brendan story is about his journey by boat, where he sets off in his boat, not knowing where he is going, and just goes because he believes it is what God wants. So part of what we were doing was about moving out from close to shore, stepping into deeper waters where we don't feel comfortable, where we even lose sight of the shore, because that is where god is calling us to.

Well, there was this BIG world map on the floor. And two different coloured post it notes. On the one colour we were to write the thing or things we dream of, dream of doing, dream of being, etc and place those on the ocean parts of the map. On the other colour we were to write the things that prevent us doing or being or going to whatever that was, and stick those onto the land parts of the map. You can see the analogy with the story right?

So I was asking the children what their dreams were and what they wanted to do and to be, right now, for God, not one day, some day, way out there, right now, what could they do for God. And I was writing them down for them to place on the map. Then I was writing the things that are stopping them doing these things. We had some great answers, like starting a Christian Union at school, or just talking to people at school about God and so on. One had a dream of being most improved in her swimming class, another wanted to do better at school, I can't remember them all.

But THEN, this little darling, who is actually in the age group below the one I work with, she's only 2 I think, came over to sit with her sister, and as I was asking someone else what they dreamed of, she piped up in this gorgeous, cute little voice "I want my own bedroom!" I looked at her and asked her what she had said, and she repeated it clearly. I asked if she wanted me to write that down on a post it note as her dream and she said yes, so I did. Then I asked her what was preventing her getting that, and she just looked at me with those big eyes, put her hands up to the sides and said "EVERYTHING!". So that was what we wrote and that was what she stuck to the map!

The cuteness of the moment does not come over in writing this down, I guess you had to have been there, but she was just so gorgeous it was funny.