Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sunday 18th February

Yes ok it's Wednesday and I am only just getting around to blogging about this. I apologise!

Sunday morning was our little performance in the main meeting for the adults. And it went so well. Let me tell you how this came about. We've spent the past three months working on a curriculum that is really more aimed at kids klub type environments, after school clubs that sort of thing, which leads up over the time to a final week where the children present what they have learned through various medium. That was due to be Sunday 18th. Well, a few weeks ago, the week I was going to sit down with one of the leaders and try and sort out how we could allow for the kids to do this, one of the guys in our fellowship came up to me. He said that he was preaching on Sunday the 18th about the Resurrection, the third sermon in a series of four on "creation", "the cross", "the resurrection" and "the annunciation" (I think I have the last one right, we haven't done that yet). And he'd had this idea about the kids being involved in the morning, in doing a few things. Like we'd have a couple of songs of worship then the kids would do something on creation, we'd have another couple of songs and the kids would do something on the cross, then we'd have another couple of songs and the kids would do something on the resurrection!

I just smiled at him and asked him to follow me into the kids room. That morning we (the kids and I) had worked on a mural (in pieces) telling the story of "Gods MEGA PLAN" which basically covers the story from creation, through the fall and on to the cross being the solution. A group of girls was already working with one of the youth girls on a dance routine with the theme of CREATION! And I knew that the God's MEGA PLAN drama they were to work on in the last 3 weeks would be able to take us through the whole lot on to the resurrection with just the addition of a short reading at the end.

We had not planned to follow what the adults were doing at all! We had merely chosen a new type of curriculum to try it out, and it had just happened to follow what the adults were doing.

Well, that was a few weeks ago, and this last Sunday was the 18th.

Unfortunately with it being half term break here a few of the kids were away on holiday, but it was our chance to show to the adults what we've done!

One of the girls arrived a little late, so we went out of the order we should have been in and I went with the mural first. We had put it up on the wall in the main hall, and I just explained to them what we have been doing, like I told you all above, and that the children had worked together on this picture to illustrate it.

The girls dance went really well. I couldn't sit down to watch like the rest of the adults I was too excited and nervous for them. I stood at the side with my hands to my mouth most of the time, willing them on. They did fantastically, and the congregation responded really well to it, I was sooo over the moon.

Then the drama! Oh DRAMA! Erm, we did some drama at Christmas, it did NOT go well, in fact it was a mess, a disaster, but this time, those that needed to learn lines had done so, those that needed to read from a script in front of them (because the part allowed it) still knew the jist of what they were to say, they all were in the right place at the right time, and they all spoke up, or directly into the microphone, they were BRILLIANT!
I wouldn't say the crown roared, but they did clap and cheer those kids.

The leader who was leading is not the leader with responsibility for the kids work, but she absolutely gushed with enthusiasm for how wonderful it was to have the kids part of things like that. And then, Neil spoke. Hmmm, wonder if the mp3 is on the web, errrmmmmm . . . . nope, not yet. He too was effusive with his thanks for what the children had done and said that we had actually used about half of his sermon illustrations in the drama. Heeheeee!

I can't tell you what it did for my soul, to have other people encouraging the kids like that. I have been through many periods of time when I have tried and tried and tried to put things in place to allow the kids to be front and centre like that, to get them "in the adults faces" as it were, and it has never paid off. But this time, it just fell into place, this time it was such a joy and delight, instead of the hard work it has always been before. God is Sooooooooo GOOD! And He is soooooo FAITHFUL! Every little thing he has ever asked me to do with these kids, every last bit of it, every ounce of energy, every hurt feeling on my part, every misunderstanding, every hour spent planning and preparing is worth it to watch them being used by Him like that.

And I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW that this is just the tip of the iceberg, that there is soooo much more to come.
THANK YOU LORD! For the privilege of being allowed to be part of this.