Monday, January 08, 2007

Keep On Keeping On

I'll be honest!
I don't know if I have a future in my current church.
My husband and I are making it a point of prayer for at least the next 5 weeks, while I finish out the current curriculum in Sunday's Cool.
It does mean that whatever decision we make now on what to use next needs to be easily assimilated if someone else has to take over from me if we do go. But not soooo simple it will drive me up the wall if we do stay.

I'm thinking we might drop back to a UK curriculum we have used before, produced by Kingsway's Children's Ministry Section. It's one we've used before. We found the crafts a bit too much "cut this exact thing out, glue in this exact way and use in this exact way" for our liking, BUT that might have changed and if it has not we could always add crafts in that we work out ourselves.
The other thing is there is far more in each session than we could possibly include and some teachers tend to feel overwhelmed. We've always said to them, to just choose which bits they want to do and do that. Wonder if the current team would all be okay with that.

At the moment we have a total of 12 5 - 11's, with on average 8 - 10 attending each week.

Any suggestions for curriculum?
Like I said it needs to be easy for someone to pick up who doesn't have much time to plan and prepare in case we leave, but also needs to have some LIFE to it. If you know what I mean.

Please share your suggestions.