Sunday, March 04, 2007

Underground Art Project

Welll, the underground art project was no longer underground in the end, because of the problems we had last time with leaks and so on, the council have decided to make it on big boards of weather proof plywood. These will then be displayed somewhere. Maybe even back under the underpass we were painting in last time. Ho hum.

Only 3 kids turned up in the end, and all 3 of them are in my son's tutor group at school, so I was telling them "I'm .....'s mom". They seemed ok with that.

Anyway, here are some photos. Starting with the first one I took, near the beginning:

The kids had done the brown background colour with rollers and were then to do the rest of the display with spray cans. They obviously had to keep within the lines and so on, but did a very good job.
The next one show the characters in the corner beginning to get their colour. You can see the decorating suits the kids had on. We were teasing them over looking like CSI's, they also had on the little blue feet covers and latex gloves too. Then they had the full blown face masks, with the big round filters on the sides of their noses. It was funny trying to talk to them through the masks.
Below is the last one I took of the left hand panels before I finished my session. You can see how the characters have more of their colour and the hill behind now has some texture. It was fascinating watching the artist do that. It involved putting line on in a darker colour, but then fading them out by going back over the top lightly with the original colour, and highlighting with the same white they used for the clouds, it is a kind of slightly transparent colour.
And this is the right hand side, part way through that process. I think that that shoulder you can see on the left of the photo is our local Community Support Officer. He came up and spent quite a bit of the morning with us and the kids.

It was not long after this that I had to leave, each of the volunteers was only doing half a day at a time. Those who were supposed to be there this afternoon got a call to say they wouldn't be needed they were going to be finished by lunchtime. I would imagine that it looks fantastic by now and I am looking forward to seeing it together.

Next weekend I am supposed to be doing Sunday afternoon so I don't know whether I will end up going. I think that's the over 16's session, which could be fun.

All in all, I had a really good morning, enjoyed spending time with these kids from outside the church, and absolutely knowing this is where my HEART is now. Don't know where that will lead, but we shall see.

oooooh on a side note, the artist had a folder full of photos of stuff he's done, and I was showing them to the other volunteer, one of or church leaders, and trying to persuade her to let me have him decorate the kids room at church. It wasn't happening, but by the end of the morning I do think she was coming around to the idea of painting on something that would be portable that we could use to decorate the rooms. So she took his phone number, heeheeeee.

So, maybe our youth outreach this summer, might have some practical projects too! COOL!

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