Saturday, February 10, 2007


We're not taking the kids out for a separate time on their own during church tomorrow.

Two things are happening and I want the children to be able to be part of both, but also to have something available so that they are not disturbing others if they don't take part.

Firstly one of the couples in our leadership team is leaving us. God has told them it is time to move on and so they are obeying. Tomorrow morning we are to pray them out. They mean an awful lot to me, have backed me up in situations where other members of the leadership team could just not see what they were saying about the situation I was involved in. And, anyway, apart from that, they have been a positive influence on this body of people for over 20 years. So a good part of the meeting will be us all praying for them and them praying for us as a body etc.

Secondly! This is exciting. A number of weeks ago (in fact the weekend I was in Antwerp), a group came from a church we have contact with, in Bath. They gave a prophecy about creativity and the arts rising again within this body and within "the church" as a whole as well. This was an important word for us and we don't just want to let it lie. We want to actively step into it, actively be part of what god has spoken over us. So tomorrow morning we have all been encouraged to bring the supplies etc for whatever our particular bent of creativity is, and to use them as part of worship. Worship by drawing a picture, worship by painting a picture, worship by throwing a pot on the potters wheel, worship by making a flower arrangement, worship by making a silk painting, etc. Not just worship while doing these things, but actually doing these things as an act of worship, or whatever else.

From the very first time I heard about this word, after I got back from Antwerp, I was determined that the children would be a part of whatever our response was to this.

So, tomorrow morning, I will set up a table at the rear of the room, with paper, colouring stuff, glue and collage stuff and ask them to ask God to give them a picture to create and then we'll see what comes out. Incredibly important to ask them what their picture is and means, as we have had some amazingly prophetic pieces when trying this in the past. Now I'm the first to admit that we also have a whole load of usual children's art, but anyway, they still have fun.

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