Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Photos from our Super Heroes and Princesses party.


Just some banners from the past, hung form the balcony, to give a nice castley luxurious feel.

And yes, we did have pumpkins, they are only vegetables!


This one was done by one of the children in the church.

The following two pictures are from the "Christians are like Pumpkins talk that I did. We had the children split into 4 groups and I had to do the talk 4 times. That gunk from the inisde of the pumpkin was getting really nasty by the end.



Here are some more of our decorations, these were done by a very talented lady in our church. I did a couple of big pieces, one was a rooftop scene for the superheroes to run across and one was a castle, but we didn't get photos of them sadly.



The craft activity was done by a team of two ladies from another local church with their teenage daughters, princess or Super Hero masks:


It was a costume party, with adults attending expected to at least try as well.

I was a Spa Princess who did't finish getting ready for the party on time, in this photo you can't see my slippers (fluffy) and my box of chocolates! Followed by another costume photo.



One of our 4 activities was a bouncy castle, we're blessed to have a building that has plenty of room for things like that. Unfortunately the photos didn't come out too well, but it does give an idea of the motion involved.


Our final activity that the children rotated through was "MESSY GAMES". We had apple bobbing, doughnuts on strings and sweets in chocolate pudding.



And finally, to finish, a video of my eldest son and our church caretaker, playing the doughnuts on string game.

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