Monday, October 16, 2006

Sunday 15th October

OOops, I've been a bit slack in posting on here. Apologies.

Let me tell you about yesterday.

2 children turned up for Sunday's Cool.
Ok so a full turn out is currently only 10, but even so, it was kind of daft trying to run a whole session just for the two of them. So, rather than sulk and moan about wasted preparation and make them sit with their parents during the service, I took them and 3 of the younger youth off for a walk. We went to a local playground, had a bit of a play and walked back again. We had a really ncie time, I got some exercise in (which is unusual for a Sunday) and arrived back just at the very moment the adults finished.

All in all I think that was a very succesful morning.


Margaret said...

That was a great outing. Katie (now almost 4) is the only baby born into our congregation in 14 years. My husband used to tutor, teach and guide the teen class until they all grew up and graduated. Many going off to college. We have been going to another church in the meantime only because Katie didn't have any Sunday School mates. We're still not fully comfortable ourselves - but she sure is.

Glen Woods said...

Just came across your blog. I work in children's ministry as well. God bless you as you minister to little ones!


Glen Woods