Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Offline for a while

Computer crash.
At first thought to be hard disk failure.
Now thought to be complete motherboard failure.


No spare cash

Therefore could take a while.

I am able to check in at work, and for short periods of time on son's computer, but he needs that for homework, so, don't expect to see me posting on here, at least for a few days, if not a few weeks.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday 26th November

I knew I was going to have a much shorter session than usual today and possibly less children, so I decided not to push ahead with our ongoing curriculum but to do something a little different as well. Well, the first turned out to be true but not the 2nd, anyway this is what we did:

I have a new display board up in the room that we use for the children, and thought it would be good to put something on it that the children have had a hand in.
I also wanted to get one of the younger youth involved in a more "helping" mode rather than just being in there as another child. So on Saturday I asked her if she could think of any seasonal ideas for the board. This is what she came up with and what we did this morning.

We put background and border paper up and then cut a Christmas tree shape out of green paper and put that up, the full height of the board. The children drew and cut out baubles and other decorations. On these they wrote their wish list!

But NOT what they want to receive, what they want to give! We went through all sorts of different people, just talking along with them as they worked, and we've ended up with a pretty nice looking board. I will do some title text on the computer to go with it to finish it off and then I can take a photo to share here. Hopefully later this week.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Photos from our Super Heroes and Princesses party.


Just some banners from the past, hung form the balcony, to give a nice castley luxurious feel.

And yes, we did have pumpkins, they are only vegetables!


This one was done by one of the children in the church.

The following two pictures are from the "Christians are like Pumpkins talk that I did. We had the children split into 4 groups and I had to do the talk 4 times. That gunk from the inisde of the pumpkin was getting really nasty by the end.



Here are some more of our decorations, these were done by a very talented lady in our church. I did a couple of big pieces, one was a rooftop scene for the superheroes to run across and one was a castle, but we didn't get photos of them sadly.



The craft activity was done by a team of two ladies from another local church with their teenage daughters, princess or Super Hero masks:


It was a costume party, with adults attending expected to at least try as well.

I was a Spa Princess who did't finish getting ready for the party on time, in this photo you can't see my slippers (fluffy) and my box of chocolates! Followed by another costume photo.



One of our 4 activities was a bouncy castle, we're blessed to have a building that has plenty of room for things like that. Unfortunately the photos didn't come out too well, but it does give an idea of the motion involved.


Our final activity that the children rotated through was "MESSY GAMES". We had apple bobbing, doughnuts on strings and sweets in chocolate pudding.



And finally, to finish, a video of my eldest son and our church caretaker, playing the doughnuts on string game.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I am alive

I will post, hopefully before the weekend on how our super heroes and princesses party went on October 31st.
With pictures!
Oh and maybe a video of my eldest trying to eat doughnuts off a string, heehee.
Later peeps!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sunday 15th October

OOops, I've been a bit slack in posting on here. Apologies.

Let me tell you about yesterday.

2 children turned up for Sunday's Cool.
Ok so a full turn out is currently only 10, but even so, it was kind of daft trying to run a whole session just for the two of them. So, rather than sulk and moan about wasted preparation and make them sit with their parents during the service, I took them and 3 of the younger youth off for a walk. We went to a local playground, had a bit of a play and walked back again. We had a really ncie time, I got some exercise in (which is unusual for a Sunday) and arrived back just at the very moment the adults finished.

All in all I think that was a very succesful morning.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

WaH Girlfriends Locations

Using this location because no-one ever visits this blog and I can keep it to just us.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New Home for Childrens Ministry

See, I'm also managing to move my extra blogs over here too.

This is the new home for my Children's Ministry Blog.
I will continue to blog about the news in our childrens ministry for as long as we continue to have internet access and I have that role.